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    The Beatles, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the first man to step foot on the moon.
    I watched solemnly as John F. Kennedy's funeral was aired live on television, November 25, 1963.
    I watched the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, Feb. 9, 1964.
    I sat on the floor in front of the TV and watched Neil Armstrong take that first step on the moon, July 20, 1969.
    I didn't just read about them, I lived them.

          In the summer of 1966, my neighbor, Ricky Brady, who lived behind me and I were watching Batman the TV series one day. Before the show ended I had come up with such a wonderful idea. His parents had a large closed in patio in the backyard. We moved his record player to the patio and played records. We charged admission and sold kool aid for a nickle a glass. So, I can honestly say we invented the disco.
          I guess my writing career began around about 2nd grade. The teacher gave each of us a picture and we had to write a story about the picture. My picture was of a dog that looked like the Our Gang dog, white with a patch of black over one eye. I wrote a whole page about how the dog got his black eye. There is a link below to that story and a couple of others I wrote back then.
          At the age of 12, I began writing poetry; however, most of those poems did not survive the years. I also wrote my first play about this time, but I must admit that as I got older and realized how bad it really was, I am glad it is lost forever. Also, about this time, I owned an old LP by The Ventures. Since they were an instrumental band, there were no words to their songs. I liked one song they played, When She Walked in the Room, so I wrote my own lyrics, not realizing there were already lyrics. Since then, I have found that I enjoyed writing lyrics as much as poetry; however, as I don't play a musical instrument, I've never gotten around to producing complete songs.
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